Terms of Services

Greetings dear user

We take this opportunity to express our utmost gratitude towards you for selecting us. We are privileged to offer our SOP (Statement of Purpose) writing services to you. We request you to leaf through our Terms of Service and abide by the same before availing of our services.

General Terms of Service

  1. When we are approached by a client for writing an SOP, we expect them to provide us with their personal information, supporting documents, and any other detail that is required for the completion of the work.
  2. We may ask you to share relevant data and supporting documents while discussing a prospective SOP project.
  3. Once the initial discussions are over, you are required to make a part of the total payable amount as advance payment. Generally, we will send you the completed SOP within x-y days of reviving your down payment. You need to complete the payment within 24 hours of receiving the final output.
  4. Our service charges for SOP writing are fixed. Once you have discussed and agreed upon the deal, the service charges shall be non-negotiable. And you are required to clear the due within 24 from the
  5. Our company shall reserve the right to ownership of the SOP and its contents until you have remitted the outstanding fee. We may use the same for any purpose as we consider the best.


Terms of Service for Statement of Purpose Documents

  1. The client is responsible for providing us with all the information and documents necessary for creating the SOP in an original and inspiring manner. We will start the SOP work only after the client has sent us all the required data. And any delay from the client’s side in doing so will cause a delay in the delivery of the final work.
  2. If the user requires a specific SOP format or if his target university insists on following any particular SOP style, we should be informed of the same during the discussion phase. If no such guidelines are provided the SOP will be written in our standard format.
  3. We will proceed with the project to the writing stage only after the client has made the initial payment. And any delay from the client’s side in doing so will cause a delay in the delivery of the final work.
  4. Any request for change in SOP format made after we have started the writing process will be rejected. If the client maintains the demand for a format change, it will be considered as a request for a new project. In such cases, the client needs to make a fresh payment for the new SOP.
  5. We allow edit requests within 24-48 hours of sending the final SOP work. We do not entertain clients to make edit requests past the time limit and such requests will not be considered.
  6. We are happy to address your genuine criticism while editing the SOP. Users should refrain from sending unclear feedbacks like “SOP needs improvement”. Users can highlight the portion of the content in the file and add their suggestions as comments.
  7. The scope of edit requests is limited to the existing content in the SOP. Requests to add new information to an already completed SOP will be regarded as extra work. The user will be charged an additional fee for the fulfilment of such requests.
  8. The client is expected to convey any specific request that needs to be addressed in their SOPat the commencement itself and before we enter the writing process. We cannot add any data that is provided after we start the task.
  9. We shall not be held answerable for not securing entrance to a course/institution/country of the client’s choice. We will also not be accountable for any loss – financial, professional, or otherwise- that the client faces anywhere or at any time.

We assume that you agree to have understood and abide by the given terms and conditions of SOPforMBA before associating with us for our services.

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